Tons of people come out to beaches on a hot summer weekend. Even the birds take some time out to watch them have fun in the sun :)
Gives a new meaning to the term "Bird watching".

Santa Cruz beach, Sunday May 31st 2004

Same Los Angeles trip, saw this mini van packed with kids on its way to Disneyland. I took this picture while driving, so it was kind of a fun stunt. They parked the mini-van at the same gas station where I stopped to take the other picture. The kids were so cute and they were travelling with their grandma too :)

I was driving to Los Angeles when I saw the sun peeking through the clouds. I took this picture at a gas station, you can see a trailer parked and those are crop lines with water in them.

Baylands Park: A foggy morning

Baylands Park:

Baylands Park:

Baylands Park:

Baylands Park: You can see where the sun will be coming up from

Baylands Park: Just before sun rise, the sky starts changing color

Baylands Park: Sun rise

San Jose downtownl: Its so peaceful on a Sunday morning.

This kid was runing around in the fountain area on a hot summer day. This fountain is right in the center of downtown San Jose infront of the Tech Museum and the Fine Arts museum

So many fountains, so little time

He finally sat down on one of the fountains, looks like a lot of fun!

The Tech Museum of Innovation

Rehan and Zia beside the Red Ferrari

Zia with the Red Ferrari

Earthquake central: The objective was to build a 18 inch tall tower to hold the water tank (blue ball in the picture). That tower was to survive a simulated earthquake. Zia and I took on the challenge and just for the record our tower DID survive the earthquake :)

Engineers have this itch to prove themselves. Zia is taking the challenge of builing an arch bridge without gluing the foam pieces together, the bridge was then to be tested by a small weight.

Al's da man!! :-D

Lockheed Martin's rover wheels were a hit among the kids. They would lie down on the floor offering an uneven obstacle for the rover

Road kill! ...

These two cuties were giggling all the time

Zia on Segway

Look Ma!! no brakes!! (Segway stops when you stop leaning forward or backwards)

Rehan Shamsi on Segway

Hands of Innovation: Hand imprints of people who have change the world through technology. These imprints are on Silicon disks used for ICs

Hands of Innovation: This spot is reserved for me :)

Hands of Innovation