Fremont Festival of Arts

Fremont Festival of Arts is being held at the intersection of Mowry and Walnut during this weekend. There are artists, musicians, photographers, hospitality industry people, and food artists spread over 2 blocks. I had a really good time there.

The artist in the picture is Oscar Reynolds and his compositions are very soothing, and mystical. The flutes he plays require skill and concentration and his ability to play two instruments simultaneosly with such beautiful harmony is amazing!! be sure to check out his music at

Kitchen angels

I met this really sweet lady who makes angels out of used/thrown away kitchen utensils.

This particular angel reminds me of my mom when she used to make me breakfast. Cooking for myself has made me appreciate her a lot more :)

Now I know what to send aapi on her birthday ;)

Note to self: Must post this sign outside my swamp

Amen to that! :-P

The perfect sign for my kitchen, I dont cook very often but every once in a blue moon I do get this urge to cook for myself, and when that happens I stuff my fridge with groceries. Needless to say, the groceries wind up in the garbage bag

I met this amazing artist Tony Tafeen who makes these pieces of art using bottle tops and virtually anything that catches his imagination. He takes custom orders and can use your personal items too. The name of his business is Blue Volcano and he can be reached at (click on the above images for a closer look)

Gandalf the Grey

Certainly the most mysterious character from The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf was much more than a wizard. The Elves called him Mithrandir, the Dwarves, Tharkun, the Rohans named him Stormcrow. All respected him, some also feared. His origins remain unclear - he was secretive, powerful, generous, but demanding and not one to anger.

Crystal - The Faery of Creativity

In dreams and quiet moments of contemplation she inspires us with new ideas and visions. She will share her inner power with us, if we are only willing to embrace the luminous Truth - the connection of all living things, the vital energy that unites us all. This is the secret soul of creativity from which we all arise.

The Alchemist

Alchemy dates back to ancient Egypt. The alchemists were great observers of the natural world - half scientist and half mystic. Their texts are rich in symbolism - the transformation of base elements into gold being a metaphor for spiritual change. The alchemical signs for various elements are a basic blueprint which if used correctly lead to the Philosophers Stone - the source of all wisdom.
(Fremont Festival of Arts - July 30th, 2004)

Fantasy faces

(Fremont Festival of Arts - July 30th, 2004)

Rock Devil

Devils and demons are found in virtually every culture's mythology. Joseph Campbell asked us to remember that all religions serve as a mirror of our own psyches - that the angels and devils are all simply symbols for the good and bad parts of ourselves. Robert Bly insisted that there is great power to be found in the shadow side of ourselves if we can learn to focus the power there in a positive manner. Perhaps our devils have a role to play if we'll let them.
(Fremont Festival of Arts - July 30th, 2004)

Three Gargoyles

For centuries these fantastic creatures were sculpted on Medieval cathedrals to ward off evil. These fierce and mysterious protectors continue to fascinate us, even in our high-tech post-industrial age.
(Fremont Festival of Arts - July 30th, 2004)

Some other interesting signs

(Fremont Festival of Arts - July 30th, 2004)