These are the American Trenton Pigeons, a strand of the famous Homing pigeons that people race. The French, Swiss, Israeli, Iraqi and Chinese armies still use homing pigeons today! Pigeons proved valuable in the Gulf War, as their messaging was not affected by electronic jamming :)

I saw these pigeons feeding on rice outside a desi restaurant today, I tried my best to get close to them for a better photograph but the siren from a nearby ambulance scared them away. Pigeons have the rare ability for a large bird to be able to fly nearly straight up.

Twisted tree

I came across this interesting tree when I went out for lunch today. It's in a small shopping compound at the intersection of Grape and El Camino Real in Sunnyvale; right across from Fresh Choice restaurant.

The branches were twisting, twirling and coming out unlike any tree I had seen before

The branch on the right sticks out almost perpendicularly off the tree trunk and extends beyond of the picture frame. With the thickness and weight for this kind of branch, it's amazing how it hangs in mid air without any support.