I tried photographing jewelry for the first time.

Update: What I learnt from this experiment:

  • Auto-focus: The sparkle from the jewelry throws off the focusing system in your camera, so you have to be really careful that you get everything focused and try to shoot for F8-F11 aperture

  • Lighting: One light source with two white reflectors on the side is not enough (setup used for this shot), you need atleast three focused light sources to make the jewelry twinkle

  • Metering: I went for spot metering because it makes the jewelry glow infront of a dark backdrop

  • Michaels: The arts and crafts store sells $0.20 cloth pieces that you can use for backdrop or the base

  • Tripod: It comes in very handy when your camera's autofocus starts misbehaving due to the sparkling jewelry

  • Very Important: Try not to borrow jewelry from someone else, so you wont keep them waiting impatiently while you tweak your setup :)

Boys & their Toys

Boys & their Toys
A sign painted on a building near China town, San Francisco.

More sightings: Embarcadero BART station, and Powell Station

Roses are red

Elizabeth, a colleague got flowers from her parents on Valentines day. She asked me to take some photos so that she can show her parents how beautiful they were.

(Click here to see it on black background)

The Store with Beautiful things

The Store with Beautiful things
Side wall of The Store with Beautiful things in China town, San Francisco :)

(Click on the thumbnail to see the complete photograph)