The Macy's at downtown San Francisco had some amazing doll houses on display. The attentioin to detail is incredible!!

Roof of the above doll house, a closer look.

The third floor, bedroom and attached bath

Second floor, the study and dining rooms

First floor, the living room

Here's a closer look at the bedroom, look at the chandelier and the lamps!!

Second floor, closer look


Saira said...

They let you take photographs at Macys? nice. As for the dollhouse... hmm... is very well made... just.. I dunno. I think it negates the idea of playing with dolls in a sense. Its supposed to involve imagination. When you provide everything, theres no space left for imagination. However as far as collectors items check out Queen Mary's Dollhouse. I read the book at someone's house. Unfortunately can't seem to find any more pics online.

Faraz said...

Macy's was closed and this doll house was in the showcase facing the street. I took this picture from the street late at night.