It rained ...

Its amazing how the rain brings out all the colors
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Lady Mary looked beautiful as ever on an overcast Sunday. The atmosphere was magestic, you could hear the hymn coming from the nearby church as if angels were taking you into their embrace
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These picture was taken at the Our lady of Peace church in Santa Clara. The building you see in the background belongs to Exodus.
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This is a view from my cubicle's window at work, its 7:00 pm and everything is wet outside.
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insiya said...


Faraz, are you available? *winks*

Seriously, this is some damn good stuff. Very Pro I must say. How long have you been at it? Tell me the details.

Ejaz Asi said...

It needs a beautiful eye to capture the beauty and Faraz's sure got tremendous talent beside that beautiful eyes ;) Flower pictures are really beautiful and I can already wait no longer to see them featured somewhere :)

Ali said...

Well done Faraz!

Amazing stuff!!! I have known Faraz for a long time now and I am proud of it even more after seeing these pictures.

I have always told Faraz that he should believe in his artistic side more. I think you should not praise a person on his face but I think a blog comment is more of a public praise.

Faraz don't get flattered, get better (this is good stuff but there is always room for improvement ;-).

PS: Faraz is available locally although he thinks he is a global variable but I would place braces around him and limit scope as a friend who has access to his private variables ;).

xivia said...

amazing shots !

sarah said...

those flowers are so neat and em!