San Francisco alley
Originally uploaded by imfaraz.
Shot on Post street near Union square in San Francisco.

For a bigger version of this image, click here (ImageShack link)


flying cow said...

yayyyyyy you are back! hope you are feeling better faraz!

whatssup with the size of the pictures??!

M said...

Glad to have you back :)

Suleman said...

Really good to have u back faraz. and Thanks for the flickr version.

Arsalan said...

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Faraz said...

hiba: This is as bigger size as it gets in a Flickr->Blogger post.

m: Thank you :)

suleman: You're welcome, I didn't know that imageshack was censored in Middle East before.

arsalan: Those comments were spam that i receive from time to time since I have enabled anonymous comment posting. I delete them as soon as I notice them. But hey! who doesn't want free endorsements ;)

Jnarin said...

Hurrah! You're back! Good to see you posting. Hope you are feeling better. Nice pic. Kind-of small on the preview front, though.

sarah said...

welcome back :)

TrancePorted said...

So finally you are shooting outdoors. :)