When pigs can fly

Makes you wonder if you have now seen everything :)

For a bigger sized version of this car ornament, click on the thumbnail.
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flying cow said...

how can you have seen everything-there is so much left to explore. makes me wonder if i will even get to see/do half the things i want to before i die. one lifetime doesn't seem enough.

Natasha said...

cute :). you're camera is soo cool. i love how clear your pictures are.

flick said...

love the texture the tones. its a lovely image. though its a pig, but cute pic,still.

really glad to have you back. :) take care.

Mars said...

aww...after babe that has to be the cutest pig i have ever seen...witty how someone came up with this piece to pair with the saying..

Faraz said...

hiba: I hope you do and see more than half of the things you want to in your lifetime :)

natasha: This is a pretty standard flower mode photo, you can take it from any digital camera (almost all of them support this mode)

flick: Thanks :)

mars: 'Babe' was the second thing that popped in my head when I saw this, first was Porky the pig from Looney toons :)

Saira said...

That is so cute. I want one. :)