Romance (Revisited)
originally uploaded by imfaraz.
Found a Nora Roberts novel in my books. The filter combination is a circular polarizer combined with a red filter. The single light source is a table lamp perpendicular to the filter


Ayesha said...

baqol Ghalib
Dil-e-naadaaN tujhe huaa kya hai ?
aakhir is dard kee dawa kya hai

Ham haiN mushtaaq aur woh bezaar
Ya ilaahee ! yeh maajra kya hai ?

Jaan tum par nisaar karta hooN
maiN naheeN jaanata duaa kya hai

good job and interesting concept :)

Mars said...

how clever!...such a warm image..wonderful job..

Jnarin said...

Welcome back! I'm very happy to see you posting.. :-)
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you...

Saira said...

welcome back!. :)

Faraz said...

ayesha: Nothing has happened, thanks for the compliment :)

mars: Thank you

jnarin: I am busy with a lot of things right now, can't promise to be regular about posting photographs because I have not been taking any in quite a while. Happy holidays to you too :)

saira: It's nice to see you :)

sam said...

Heyyy, you're back. Good to see you :)
erm .... nora roberts???? ohkayyy then!

Zag said...

Wow, my plea for help had such power that it brought you back in a couple of days..... just joking... welcome back and great image :)

Zag said...

oh and i forgot.. thanks for the quick reply... where are my manners!! :)

Natasha said...

this picture is indeed awesome. please give me your camera for christmas. please :D

Faraz said...

sam: It's not mine, I swear!! I have never read a single page of any Nora Roberts books *sheepish smile* I bought it for someone but lost the book while moving apartments.

zag: There are much easier ways to get in touch with me. My email address it at the top left corner in my profile. :)

natasha: I accept all major credit cards ;)

The Prophecy said...

Oh wow!

Glad to see you back, clickin'!

IllusionFS said...

It is a very beautiful picture. I have seen another picture which is very similar to this one but equally good.
In that picture, the guy used Red filter to create the heart, which looks stunning as well.

One of my friends Asif, re-created Konadors picture in 3D

saba said...

that is SUCH a lovely picture =)

Anonymous said...

such warm colours. love it :)

Faraz said...

anonymous: thank you :)