Boys & their Toys

Boys & their Toys
A sign painted on a building near China town, San Francisco.

More sightings: Embarcadero BART station, and Powell Station


Jnarin said...

Ha ha ha.. very funny. I considered buying a PSP, but I ended up buying THIS.
No comments on the pathetic photo, please... :-)

Natasha said...

cutest thing ever :)

ghazal pirzada said...

yes i am related to her but not very close she is far-family!
u've lived in sukkur where???
i have been visiting ur blog for a long time now, but i dont know why i never commented!

now i will frequently inshallah!
nice to know u faraz! my family still lives in purana sukkur! ur family lives in sukkur too?

Reza said...

That kid looks dazed and hypnotized cuz of that Ice cream. Nice picture.

flying cow said...

:D haha. its so cute!

Nabeel said...

hahaha .. love the picture .. very true mate !! This morning i saw an SUV with a sticker on it that said,"Bad Ass boys have Bad ass toys"

jammie said...

faraz!! thought it was time i commented. i love illustrative work and somebody once told me im a very san fran person- i *think* it was acompliment.
haii. you still havent made it to karachi...and btw how are you feeling now??

Faraz said...

jnarin: One day people will realize that phones are for making calls :)

natasha: thank you :)

reza: The icecream is PlayStation Portable (PSP)

hiba: Thanks :)

nabeel: Hey! nice to see you here :)

jammie: What a pleasant surprise! I have recovered from the FLU and the whole cough thing. Even though I haven't met you but San Fran won't do you justice. IMHO, you are more of a Napa valley person ;) (a hotspot for artists and poets, North of San Francisco)

.:*FairyDust*:. said...

what other toys do they have? lolz

opinionatedinjerzee said...

very cute!!!