Portrait using the Rembrandt Lighting technique.
I used a 10" garage light fixture with an ECA bulb as the main light and a 2x3 ft white posterboard reflector to control the light ratio between the highlights and shadows. For digital cameras, this difference between highlights and shadows should not exceed 1 and half stop.


Arsalan said...

The finger-to-the-chin pose doesn't quite work. Interesting lighting though. I would be more interested in seeing you experiment with other angles.

flying cow said...

rembrandt lighting used with perfection. bravo.

Mohib said...

Nice portrait.

Which camera did you use?


Faraz said...

arsalan: Please excuse my model, he was very self concious about being photographed. The hand was supposed to cover up the area under the chin.

It wasn't perfect, I forgot to make sure that the model's eyes have 'catchlights' in them by positioning the main light accordingly.

mohib: Thanks :) I used a Canon 300D with a 70-300mm lens set at 70 mm. This is a very simple setup and I could have easily used any other camera.