Lunch with Gohar

Gohar Sharf  (Lomo effect)
I learnt that people are more conscious of you taking their photos in public if you have a big camera in your hands. Nothing beats a pocket camera that you can sneak in.

Sharing a meal with someone is considered very respectful in some cultures. Friends move to different cities, countries at times and go through different physical changes. I thought it would be really interesting to keep track of those changes. I am trying to take photos of my friends in similar settings (for now, sitting across the table from me in a resturant - waiting for food to arrive -). I have made a photo-set at Flickr for this which I will keep updating, its called Meals with friends

There was a big glass window on the right side which provided excellent lighting, and the orange color on the walls made the face stand out.

By the way, the lomo effect (color saturation, over exposed look) is intentional. I think the photo looks better this way :)


Mohib said...

I think it is one of your best captures.