Some other interesting signs

(Fremont Festival of Arts - July 30th, 2004)


Ayesha said...

hey faraz!
An entry after a long pause.. but very interesting indeed.Means You have been busy attending festivals and enjoying music . I must say again.. someone is having a good summer.:)
and send this choclate , sisters and life one to Asi..he need to see this sign daily, rather twice a day every day !

Faraz said...

Thanks, I had a good time there. I'm still anchored to my cubicle and pushing through some deadlines. I haven't been regular about posting to my blogs because I've been trying to organize myself and try out some new things.

Ejaz's first comment was about the Sisters and chocolate sign, and I think he said something about sending that picture to you :) I dont know what the two of you are upto but I really think that my sisters has been there for me at every point in my life and I consider them my angels :)

Ayesha said...

"cubicle" refeers to ur work
ermm..I dont know either what is Asi up to.. and dont know what were his intentions to show me this siters sign while chatting with u the day u posted them up.. what ever were..I think its a very cute sign... !
U dont know ASi..he is One BIG anti-sister thing (asi read it DUDE !!)
and hey BTW i have heared he has used this word(BIG) for me too .. *raise eye brow*

Anonymous said...

These are Brilliant.