Fremont Festival of Arts

Fremont Festival of Arts is being held at the intersection of Mowry and Walnut during this weekend. There are artists, musicians, photographers, hospitality industry people, and food artists spread over 2 blocks. I had a really good time there.

The artist in the picture is Oscar Reynolds and his compositions are very soothing, and mystical. The flutes he plays require skill and concentration and his ability to play two instruments simultaneosly with such beautiful harmony is amazing!! be sure to check out his music at


Zag said...

Just passing through some of the weblogs. Saw yours, great photos. Your images tell a story, well done. I have some of my own original photos on my blog as well. visit:

blackdaisies said...

Nice expression - love this shot!

btezra said...

~xlnt shot, rich color and the signage places the shot, even better!~