Mehran is one of the better resturants in Fremont area, Hyderabadi cuisines are their speciality

Mehran booth had a side attraction, the smell of grilled chicken :)

Here's what I had for lunch there

The mutton biryani and grilled chicken were spicy and delicious but the curry didn't work for me

Ahh .. how can I forget TEA! the patrons made you feel right at home ;)

This is the Afghan food booth, there are a lot of Afghani people who live in Fremont

Afghan booth, better presentation for drinks than Mehran

Afghani-Naan (bread) with Kabaabs being grilled at the Afghan food booth


Anonymous said...

enjoyed this post :)

Hamid said...

Assalaam Alaikum

Good to see that you all had a good time.


PS. The "nan" that you had for lunch was burnt. Poor food quality. Burnt stuff, if eaten, can contribute to cancer.

Anonymous said...

Excellent photographs