How would you like your Emperor today?

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You never know what you may find in a menu :)

Chef's recommendation: Barbequed chops of Emperor Jahangir
"Favorite Lamb chops of Emperor Jhanagir, marinated in a blend of wonderful spices and barbequed in the fiery tandoor."
Source: Shalimar restaurant, San Francisco


Nadir said...

LOL - gotta love indian spelling!

jammie said...

food oriented spellings/errors are hilarious. near where i live, "GUTS BBQ" has just opened up. GUTS????

Arsalan said...

You didn't know they keep mummies in freezer at Shalimar? Duh!

sarah said...

haha - this is interesting.

Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW !!! That was a real eye catching..must say!

Good one!