New apartment

(Click on the image to see the Bigger version)

I have started living in the new apartment, but moving all the furniture and my stuff has left me with aching body parts so the moving process has now slowed down to a crawl :(


Arsalan said...

One word, pal... BenGay!

Kamran said...

man this is some seriously awesome photography... its my first visit here... m quite sure u r a professional photographer.. ;) btw do visit the pakistani beauty in muree and sawaat... you'll like them ;)

Faraz said...

Thanks for the compliments Kamran (codebox)

No, I am not a professional photographer. I am learning photography on my own in my spare time and I use this blog to document my camera settings and share pictures with my friends and family.

Dinky Mind said...

Oh, Congratulations on having a new apartment. And hey, you are kind of my neighbour. I live in D 203.
Enjoy blogging.