Duck orientation

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Lake Elizabeth in Fremont is where most local kids get their first introduction with the little furry creatures we so adoringly refer to as ducks.

Every weekend I see many little ones trying to either chase, pet or feed ducks. Some kids are shy at first, hiding behind their parent's legs when a duck comes close, others try to scare and then chase the ducks off. This family was encouraging their daughters to feed the ducks. You can also see a little asian baby in the back watching the whole thing with great interest :)

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Anonymous said...

Until i saw the complete picture, thought you were aiming for bald guy :)

The edge of the lake looks nice and now I crave for summer even more. Its still feels like -13 here and lakes have no water, but yeah lotsa ice.
winter winter go away
not so little exube wants to play

fishie said...

ducks are feathery :D
we used to go with abba to feed the birds on the hill behind our house; halfway there we'd've eaten half the bread...hehe...somehow it always tasted best en route to the bird feeder.