Hurray for spring!

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Another tree from my office parking lot, I used an 18mm wide angle lens with a low angle to avoid showing all the cars and buildings.

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I kinda like the black & white version better, unfortunately my blogger template only supports a width of 400 pixels therefore you would have to click on these thumbnails to see the bigger version of these pictures.

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fishie said...

hm..i like the b/w one better too, although you could have shifted the frame a liiittle to the right so that the tree would be equally distributed between the parking signs.

Faraz said...

The tree was not in the middle of the two parking signs, it was on the left of the left-most parking sign. I tried to get the tree in between the two signs as much as I could, the signs are also distorted because of the wide angle lens.

S said...

Just found your site....ur work is phenomenal...seriously...some of the pics you have taken are just breathtaking...I shall definately be a regular to ur site now....

Faraz said...

Thanks S! looking forward to seeing you here more often :)

Mohib said...

I also like the b/w one better. Boss, I saw your other pics and they are awesome, as always.

Will hang around here more often.

btw, thanks for commenting at my blog, I also got those audios of Zia Mohyeddin. Thanks a lot,

ciao !!


Saady said...

Keep up the good work rock at what u do !

~meyum & a half~ said...


kAy said...

and he tells ME i have a sharp eye for detail.
faraz... you beat me hands down any given day.
you seem to know me from somewhere
but im a lil confused as to how thats possible.
anyhow, dear fellow blogger,
i visit ure blog quite regularly but this is the first time im commenting.
you and ure work is going places thats for sure.

kAy said...

ah yes orkut jail-
i dont know from where you used to pop up and tease me about being in jail.
next i heard of you was when you started commenting on jammies blog.
weird randomness is finally taking some form now.