4th of July fireworks at the Great America park in Santa Clara


Jnarin said...

Very, very pretty.
I wish I could take a photo like this...

sarah said...

i love fireworks!

flying cow said...


Natasha said...

WOW! :D these are so cool. i could never take photo's like this with my camera.

and jnarin i wish i could too (sigh*)

flying cow said...

settings kahan hain?

Faraz said...

jnarin: Thank you! :) there is no rocket science in fireworks photos, all you need is a tripod and a clear view of the fireworks.

sarah: me too :)

hiba: Put your camera in Aperture priority mode, select aperture anywhere from F8-F10 (I picked F10), set ISO speed to 100, put the camera on a tripod and you are all set to photograph fireworks. Remember that each photo takes about 2-3 seconds so time your shot and click the shutter release as soon as the shell explodes.

natasha: of course you can, read the mini-tutorial above. It's a no-brainer :)

lorna said...

I love these. The colours have come out so well, but it's months till I can try this one at home- no fireworks until November 5th. Ho humm, maybe I'll just have to make my own. Mwahahahaha (evil laughter). ;o)

Mohib said...

Wow, wow !!

Great pics, each one of them.

Yes, I use pixelpost, it is nice and easy. No troubles while configuring, support people at the forum are wonderful. You may try it if you want to.


Mars said...

nice colors!

Ozair said...

all the pics on this page are awesome!

GerÊ said...

great pics... my favorite is the blue and yellow one... primary colors... great!

Deja Vu said...

wow...i think there firework were great..better than in Chicago..
awesome shots
love it =D

bakpakchik said...

i love fireworks and you do them so well!

great pix!

the problem i have had with fireworks is smoke. how come you have no smoke in your shots?

Arsalan said...

I actually see considerable smoke in the shots. Still, I don't think it takes away from the quality of the pictures. I think smoke adds texture so I like it that way.

flying cow said...




Faraz said...

lorna: Here is a fireworks photography tutorial that I found after I took my pictures.

mohib: I am very lazy when it comes to maintaining my own website. That is the main reason I don't have a website even though I have been paying for web hosting and domain names for the last one year :)

mars: Thanks Mars :)

ozair: Thank you :)

giuvic: You are right, pictures with colors from opposite ends of the color wheel are more popular :)

saroosh: Chicago is a big city, I am sure that the fireworks would have been really awesome especially if they did it over the lake.

bakpakchik: Thank you Ujala :) I was about half a mile away from the actual fireworks so smoke was not that much of a problem. I have read that as a rule of thumb you have to stand at a 90 degree angle from the direction of wind to photograph fireworks to avoid smoke (facing the direction of wind). Hope it helps :)

arsalan: Smoke is more of a problem when you are standing close to the fireworks, it gets into your eyes and the pictures don't turn out that well either.

hiba: Sorry about the delay, I have been juggling many important things for the last few weeks and I need to take care of them on a priority basis for my own sake. I hope you understand, I will try to keep posting pictures whenever I get a chance.