God Bless

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Nobody's laughing now
God's grace lost and the devil is proud
But I've been walking for a thousand miles
One last time, I could see you smile

I (I) hold (hold) on (on) to you
You bring me hope, I'll see you soon
And if I don't see you
I'm afraid we've lost the way

Stay, beautiful baby
I hope you
Stay, American baby
American baby
- Dave Matthews band, "American Baby"

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flying cow said...


Ayesha said...

lol @nahii
nice one hiba ;)
"hamain maloom na tha kay aap itnay muhib-e-watan hain" :P
nice picture though.

be said...

agree with hiba

Natasha said...

yes yes happy 4th of july :D. are you going to see the fireworks tonight?

Arsalan said...

hiba, be, ayesha: Artists are not nationalists, see? He saw a good shot and he took it. In my view, he did not pick the best spot for the fireworks last night at the
Great America Park. Still, I am waiting for some pictures of the fireworks on here.