Ahmed Arsalan

Ahmed Arsalan
Trying out the new tubelight setup I made over the weekend

(Click on the thumbnail to see the complete photograph)


Ayesha said...

This is one professionally taken picture. Well done (y)

Arsalan said...

Very nice! The black and white effect completely changes the aesthetics! The sparkle in the eye and the focus on it is cool. Thanks for starting my exciting modelling career.. woo hoo!

Mohib said...

accha portrait hai huzuur. I think there is just a little bit extra light on the face, else it is a good shot.

Nice to see you posting. At least, someone is doing that.


Ejaz Asi said...

oh, now you're talking. Portrait photography is for you, faraz. leave the flowers. love this man's portrait. A gaye hein, cha gaye hein, tha ker k.
And he's like, I am the coolest and calmest person. I am all ears. Go ahead, bro.
very nice ji.

naz said...

that's a good one

sebia said...

I never took photography as some medium of expression,painting was always my forte..but recently i have cm across so many moods captured by the click of camera..so many realities,so many emotions,frozen in time..so i have started giving its DUE respect to this medium..keep going..nice shot

Faraz said...

ayesha: Thank you :)

arsalan: You're welcome amigo :)

mohib: I used a technique in post production called "Lith Printing", the overexposed impression is part of the lith print technique. The photo was not overexposed when I took it.

ejaz asi: This is my first formal photo shoot with home-made lighting setup so I have a very long way to go but thank you for your generous appreciation :)

naz: Thanks :)

sebia: Your comment really made my day, I have looked at your paintings and I think you follow the 'impressionist' school. Thank you for visiting my humble blog and hope to hear from you again :)

zag said...

I just noticed you have google adsense at the bottom of your page.... thats a new development right??

Ali said...

Is this just coincidence that Arsalan's photo is next to the couch potato post? :-)

Nicely done!