Wild Weather

Wild Weather
It's been raining for almost a week now, several creeks and rivers in the North bay have overflown.

I have not been taking pictures these days, because:

a) I'm sick
b) It's been raining with throttling winds and I don't want to get any sick-er :)


insiya said...

get well soon-est. and no silent treatment from now on-wards. :) love ya! huggggs!

naz said...

hope u feel better soon.

urbaNiche said...

great pic....i love urban street photogaphy...hope u feel better so we can c some more of your work...

Zag said...

Nice one..... btw, how come u've stopped posting the camera setting like u used to?

Faraz said...

insiya: Thanks! :)

naz: I am getting better, cough is still a problem but the flu is gone.

urbaniche: Thank you

zag: Posting camera setting was too much work manually, if you are interested then check out my Flickr account the camera settings are listed for each photo in the "Additional Information" section