BlogWord of the week: Together

BlogWord3: Together
BlogWord3: Together,
originally uploaded by imfaraz.
This is an old photograph (Dec 18th, 2004) but that's all I could come up with right now :)

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the olive ream said...

Beautiful image. the couple look so sad ..

Zakintosh said...

great picture. the full composition on flickr is stunning!

Jnarin said...


Faraz said...

Omer: Thanks :) I think the couple is in a comfort zone

Zaheer: Thank you! it means a lot coming from you

Jnarin: Thanks :)

Photographer said...

great picture, the compostition is indeed brilliant!

btw, i'm back with a new camera. check out my blog sometime and tell me what you think. i'd really appreciate your comments.

flying cow said...

i've seen this, cheater!

Mohib said...

I like the cropped version. Really good pic, Faraz.