Strings concert in Oakland

Strings concert in Oakland
Strings concert in Oakland,
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Strings played at the Scottish Rite center in Oakland last night.

Thanks to Farhan, I got a chance to sit square in the middle of the first row (best seats I have ever had at any concert). I'll upload a couple more photographs later.

I have uploaded a small video clip of the concert to

(Dedication: To the starting alphabet of my life)


insiya said...

sigh. the first time i ever saw them play live was at the studio [CityFM89] and i was like... 2 inches away from 'em! was possibly the best day of my life... 2 days before my birthday last year! :)

these two are by far the most decent human beings that i have ever met! :)

p.s. i am jealous of you! and my sister and mum who were on the same flight!

p.p.s. that was also by far the sweetest dedication! :)

Jnarin said...

Amazing photo..
BTW, I got a Sony DSC H2. SLR's were turning out to be too expensive for my budget..

flying cow said...

duuuuuuuurrr, duuuurrrrrr....

looks like you had fun.

Faraz said...

insiya: Thank you :) I've been listening to Strings back when I was in school but saw them in concert for the first time.

jnarin: I looked up that camera, fantastic features and nice optical zoom too. The only thing I cringe on is Sony's memory stick duo (way more pricy than CF or SD)

hiba: I sure did! loved the experience! Strings are my kinda band :D