Learning to CUSS

Learning to CUSS
One of the things that really annoy me in my line of work is reading technical specification documents, real thick ones at that too and what's worse is that some of them are out of date but none of the technical support/sales staff would tell you that until you it out on your own.

My current ordeal is to go through a 300 page technical specification document (plus certification document) for a type of computer Kiosk used at the airports.

At least the abbreviation they used makes me giggle every time :)


Anonymous said...

Seriously, I'd prefer going through an outdated 300 page document than having to work with no specs at all. Having no specs makes it harder, wherein one has to talk to the customer to find out what they want, and eventually the product is ready, get the question - "Why did you do it this way? We don't want it like this"! :-)

Faraz said...

Hahaha! I know what you mean :D

Couple of years back I was working for a Swiss client and they were using a Dutch payment gateway. I designed the specs myself, got them approved from all parties involved and when I started writing code I discovered that the payment gateway didn't work in the way it was described in their manual. When I asked for help they sent me a link to a DTD on the web, it has comments now but back then it had very little comments.

Check it out yourself, it's still funny (http://dtd.bibit.com/v1/)