Howling Monkey

Howling Monkey
Shot outside a 7-Eleven store in Santa Clara (N Winchester and Newhall st.)

I have seen some funky names of energy drinks out there, but COME ON! I am not so sure about the message here. To me, a 'caffeine charged' monkey running around howlin' in a 'monkey suit' might be something I'd laugh at but certainly not something I'd want to drink

What I find interesting is the 'Multi-Vitamin' claim, because from what I read here the caffeine and sugar in these drinks make you pee away calcium, magnesium and zinc from your body.


Jnarin said...

Nice name for the drink.. And nice photo of a monkey too.. :-)

Anonymous said...

I just drank a Howling Monkey Cola and it kicked butt. I believe the vitamins listed are B vitamins didnt see a reference to those?

I enjoyed it!!!

Duff said...

I've been trying to find this stuff everywhere. I choose my energy drinks based on how hilarious the labels are, and for my money, this one can't be beat.

Faraz said...

duff: You can definitely find it at the 7-Eleven store at the following link