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Blog plug: Ahmed Arslan's "The Cashew Nut Case"

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Ayesha said...

"Faraz found another model!!" ;)
I like this portrait.

Ali said...
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Anonymous said...

A sexy model indeed or is it just a camera trick :-)

Disclaimer: I know the model personally and no he didn't pay me to call him sexy.

Mohib said...

Nice portrait.

I guess you are slightly taller to him.


Faraz said...

ayesha: Thank you, the maadal volunteered to be photographed :)

anonymous: I always knew you had a crush on Arsalan ;)

mohib: You are right, I tried to take the shot at his eye level but I think my guestimate didn't work out.

insiya said...

perfect lighting.

aakhree baar keh rahee hoon - come to karachi and do my 'exclusive' portraits! heheh!

Arsalan said...

To all my fans: Thank you, I will be in your area soon to promote my new album entitled, "Ode To Myself". Please send your requests for autographed copies to Faraz.