Lunch time

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Some of us just never get tired of playing with our food no matter how old we get ;)
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Ayesha said...

Haha !
very cute.I had a very long day and this smile just made my day.
Welcome back. I hope clouds of chaos are not anymore.

Ayesha said...

on another note:
Zazu to Scar in lion king:
"Didn't ur mother tell not to play with ur food? "

Mohib said...

Awwww, cute.

Nice pic, glad you are back.

I wish you peace, prosperity and pixels.

Jnarin said...

Very nice to see you posting again. It's 9 AM here, my day's just starting and this is the first blog I'm looking @. You made my day. Thank you. :-)

saba said...

Hahahah, that looks like a character from Sesame Street!

hani said...

haha, looks like an oldie,grim guy.
but saba is righter..sesame street,hehehe,oscar

TrancePorted said...

Yaar, I asked you earlier also. Why is your mind restricted to small objects? Just why dont you shoot broader, wider and outdoor?

With this photography talent, I would love to see you play outdoors.

Faraz said...

Ayesha: Haha! thank you for re-instating my faith that there is atleast one more 'grow-up' out there who remembers exact dialogues from Disney movies :)

Mohib: Thank you! I have to update the link to your new blog, will do that as soon as my work deadline is over

JNarin: I'm glad that you enjoyed it, a smile is the most infectious thing known to date ;)

Saba: I started with a couple of Coffee beans and half an orange, then I got sort of carried away :$

Hani: My intention was to draw my own goofy face, but you are probably right :)

Tranceported: Asad, I do not go out of my way to take photographs. It's just a hobby and the main objective is to have fun so I photograph whatever is available at hand.

M said...

Pretty pic...

Glad to see you back.

Natasha said...

hurray! you're back :). and this picture is soooooo adorable. very cute. my sister is crazy over it too :D.

Mina said...

yay! glad to see shutterblog back in action :D did you make faces with the ketchup too? that was muchly fun, when it's in a squeezy bottle with a narrow spout :D


flying cow said...

faraz! this is so very CUTE!
:D put a smile on my face!

glad to see the return of the shutterblog :p !

Mars said...

:)..very cute....glad to see you back!

dukhtar az Pakistan said...

Its soooooo cute . nice thing out of palying with lunch :)

Mohib said...

With bated breath
and open heart
I wait for you
on my blog.



I am sure you would drop by as soon as you get some time. I clicked some bug pics recently, need your comments on them.