Morning showers

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After countless days of heat and sunshine, we had our first rain shower this morning.

I have a deadline today, so didn't spent as much time on finding a decent photo-subject as I would have liked to but Hey! it's fun to watch the "surface tension" on a rolling rain drop up close too you know ;-)

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Anonymous said...

this is a good one..
one of those pic that’s cry out loudly "Look at me"..
Dark green, light green, orange, black all colors are playing there role here.

Good job


Ali said...

Nice picture, natural and quick but not one of the best of Faraz.

I am when Faraz is not under pressure of his deadline he can prove that he can do better with a similar subject.

I think a long leaf is not a great subject for rain drops a smaller leaf might be better but please prove me wrong.

Awaiting the next great click!

Ayesha said...

this is PRETTY and a real eye-candy :P
I dont agree with person above. Its not about long or short leaf, its the angle which mkaes it good or bad.

abu ali said...

i hope u r fine out there.
well a superb effort..
keep enjoying good health
take care

flick said...

very captivating! The picture has absolutely perfect light n shade,n a spontaneous angle fit for the natural theme;
in contradiction, the moment captured looks a bit fake cause of that steep sloping leaf blade being loaded with droplets ;).

Natasha said...

i'm so in love with this picture :D

Faraz said...

Jahanzeb: Thank you, so do you think there is a chance that I can get you to start taking photos again?

Ali: Not all photographs can be your "best", and thats ok. I'm in it for the fun of seeing things in new ways :)

Ayesha: Thank you, we have only 4 types of leaves around my office and since it was still drizling I picked the one I could shoot without getting my camera wet :)

Abu Ali: The eye irritation is gone, replaced by an impatient boss and missed deadlines. Thanks for the wishes :)

Flick: Thank you :) its interesting, I never thought of it like that.

Faraz said...

Thanks Natasha :)

Jnarin said...

I am running out of words.. Beautiful. And yes, as Flick says, it looks unrealistic that water is still on the sloping leaves. But then again, most of your photographs are that way (I meant amazing..) :-)

GerÊ said...

hey... very nice.
I can feel this morning growing in my skin trought my eyes...

M said...

I love it...the water drops clinging to the leaf...excellent one Faraz..:)

Anonymous said... very refreshing in this scorching summer:) I feel like enlarging it and pasting on my room wall.

Anonymous said...

Definitely, each time I see pic like these, I start visualizing how would I have taken the picture and almost virtually there with you..

Mom is going back to Pak for 3 months I guess… so will have plenty of time for snapping


SquirrleyMojo said...


do you sell? just wondering?