Debi Phelps

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Debi Phelps, a resident of Campbel city has been featured in Newspapers and tv for her Christmas display. I found her house by accident while coming out of a movie theater last night, the two-story four-plex at 595 Nido Drive in Campbell is covered with about 30,000 Christmas lights, ornaments and countless blessings.
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Debi started her display in 1998 as a tribute to her aunt who was killed in a bank robbery. "During the eulogy for my aunt, her best friend talked about how she loved Christmas, and there we have it: This is my calling." she said.

The residents of the appartment complex help her with the decor and Debi has spent almost 60 hours to decorate her little piece of heaven on earth.
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Arsalan said...

Great reporting man! Ever thought of applying to the Mercury News? Knight Ridder Roving Reporter! Hpw does that sound?

Faraz said...

Not my cup of tea, honestly. My goal here is to find subjects and practice photography.

I was touched by Debi's tribute to her aunt, and I wanted to share it with everyone.