Early morning train

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I took this picture by placing the lens against a small hole in the fence on the bridge, it was a really foggy morning and time was a few minutes after sunrise.
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Ramla A. said...

You have been doing splendid photography lately. I see a growing depth in your technical treatment, choice of subject, and the story each picture tells. Carry on!

Anonymous said...

long way (Kishwer)

its after one month that im viewing ur pics again its good to see depth in ur work.
wish u all da best

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year


Anonymous said...


Although a bit too much light, but good job buddy.

Nice pics, you are getting there pardner.

- arsalan (ex luminoid)

Anonymous said...

I have been viewing your photo blog for last few days and must say it’s really very nice. I must admire the beautiful way of photography as well as short description of the feeling about them. Keep it up!