Raindrops keep falling on my head

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It has been raining since yesterday, and everything is wet! :(
update: San Francisco has issued a flood warning for this week because this rain has broken the city's record from previous years

I took this picture by standing as close to the water drops as I possibly could without getting my camera wet. It turns out that with a high shutter speed, this position gives you enough time to capture the falling drops.
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JamesBaker said...

“Black & White Tears” – A very beautiful 2D pic! Seen it from both the angels as if water drops are falling from the ceiling and as if drops are dripping towards a black ditch.

jammie said...

ok i think i might have left a comment before...but i love your pics. technical considerations aside (and no offense to the clickety click out there) theres this...umm...feeling in all your pics..(and no im not on valium or any other drug). seriously, theres something, that so...human. ok im not doing a good job of explaining. sigh. i love it :D. let that suffice.

jammie said...

you visited my blog! thanks. any new pics coming up?

Ramla Akhtar said...

Jammie: you're quite right about the feeling/ humane-ness of the photography. They really do tell a story - each of us might hear a different story notwihtstanding. That is true for all works of good art - they mean different things to different people, and something to all people but the most insensitive ones.