Olympians at the Parade

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Bay Area Olympians at the San Jose Holiday Parade (Sunday December 6th, 2004)

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Arsalan said...

Where is this at? Is it by the Martin Luther King Library?

Arsalan said...

No wait.. I think I know.. This is Almaden Blvd right? Next to the hotels... right?

Faraz said...

I took this picture while running along with the Parade from HP Pavilion towards Christmas in the Park, I don't exactly remember the location but its not Alamedan Boulevard for sure.

Arsalan said...

HP Pavilion is right next to Almaden. It is a tree lined with palm trees... but if you follow the street beyond a few hundred feet, it turns into something of a ghetto! You were at San Carlos and Almaden I believe.

Good job though!