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Anonymous said...

Just awesome..
good picture with a very good background..

The bckgrnd is really helping here.

then only notch is the flower or the bud (whatever it is,green one) in front , kinda distracting.


abu ali said...

so beautiful.........good job done

M said...

Ok...you keep raising the bar so high, I feel I could never get a click anywhere close to yours!

Beautiful Faraz.

Suleman said...

wow!!! really nice.

GerÊ said...

a bubble of air dreamig??

Faraz said...

JB: This was a very difficult shot, dandelion are very delicate and they break with the slightest jerk. I accidentally broke two dandelions before while trying to clear the obstruction so I decided not to touch the flower bud right above this one.

abu ali: Thank you :)

M: I am not trying to compete, I'd be happy to share what I have learnt. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Suleman: Thanks Suleman

Giuvic: I think Dandelions are as delicate as a bubble or dreams too :)

sidrah said...

Your are so gifted, so gifted :) I want to write something on you!