It rained!

(Click on the image to see the Complete picture)

The last few days were really hot and today seemed to be no different. But around lunch time clouds appeared out of no where and within an hour it started raining. Its still raining as I write this post (11 pm).

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flying cow said...

oh they're gorgeous!

Mohib said...

bahut aala !!

baqaul Nida Fazli,

chaand se phuul se yaa merii zubaaN se suniye
har taraf aap kaa qisaa jahaaN se suniye


Thanks for adding me up in your Friends list.

Also, do you always use Fuji Finepix S602z?

I have seen some of your pics with Canon EOS.

Once again, a beautiful beautiful pic.


Faraz said...

moi: Thanks :)

Mohib: I own the Fuji camera, and borrow the office Canon SLR camera whenever it is available.

A Junaid Jamshed song poped up in my mind when it started raining

baarish ki har bond mein liptee
teri yaad tu aatee ho gi

jonny ragel said...

the texture is amazing. I'm from the city of roses. beautiful pic, mate. - nice work.

Suleman said...

colors are beautiful.

flick said...

so fresh n crisp!
great job!

Saif khan said...

Hi Faraz its me Saif,

how are you, I think you forgot your yesteryears regarding hot weather ;). by the way I like that picture as well as other pictuers from you, but for that perticular picture I think poem from a move name "Ijazat" fits as it was made for it.

" Katra Katra milti hay
Katra Katra jenay do, zindagi hay!
Pyasi hoon main pyasi rehnay do"

well its my own opinion. see you.