Infrared, in-fer-a-surprise ;)

(Click on the image to see the Complete picture)

This is my first attempt at Infrared (thermal) photography, its not perfect because it looked much better in the camera's viewfinder than it actually turned out in the end. Here's an infrared photography FAQ

Everything white is glowing because of heat, I took this picture at 6 pm in sunlight.


M said...

A very idiotic comment from me: eery, spooky...nice effect overall.

Infra-red or ultra-blue...makes no difference to me..I can just comment on what my untrained eyes see in 2 dimensions! :)

Faraz said...

Oh come on, its not an idiotic comment :)

Infrared cameras are used in industrial engineering, especially confectionay process to measure temperature. Military uses it in night vision goggles, your television remote uses it to flip the channel and yet you can not see the infrared light. I am very excited to see the world as a warm embrace it really is :)

GerÊ said...

hey... but the image is perfect!
very beautyful place you did choose! i can travel in your picture!

Natasha said...

WOW!!! :D .. i'm kinda speechless now* :P

flying cow said...

a tad dark, but overall, nice shot

Suleman said...

wow!!! this is so good. I loved it. It can hardly believe its real.


Ali said...

'Surreal' was the word that came to mind after seeing this pic. I looked up several dictionary to be sure that it mean what I think it means, I think it does.

In other words it looks like an image from one of those 3D games or part of the starting animation.

Awaiting more infra red stuff

Natasha said...

Hi. thanx for linking me too :) i have another blog aswell .. an amateurish photoblog hahahahaha.

so check it out sometime. take care! :P

Anonymous said...

I suggest cropping the top by a couple of inches. Gives a panoramic view and loses the area on the top which has really no detail. After that, post it on that other site for review, this one should be big.

- arsalan

~meyum & a half~ said...

god you think of everything..FAQ????great great:)

Mohib said...

zabardast pic !!