Fur coat

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Anonymous said...

yo! Faraz dude, its one wicked picture with one pimpin fly. ;)


flying cow said...

this is mind-blowing. i hate insects. but the picture is TERRIFIC! it gets an 11/10 from me~!

flick said...

awesome! never thought a fly could be so charming... 8)

BBCD said...

wow, u are good. that photo is making me feel ichy but its brilliant.

saphiya said...

I second moi.I don't like insects at all.I change the channel whenever some insects are being shown but i gave a long glance to this pic.That pretty it be:)

I've linked you on my blog,hope it's okay with you!

abu ali said...

faraz bhai it seems like a new character of star wars movie isnt it?
thumbs up for the pic

Misha said...

Interesting, Amreekan flies are hairier than Pakistani flies while Pakistani men are hairier than Amreekan men. :P

Faraz said...

exube: Thanks :)

moi: Insects are a species, just like us. How would you feel if a third species says that they hate humans :)

flick: This was probably the first time I saw a Bumble bee, it was very friendly :)

bbcd: Thank you :)

Boonella: It's fine by me, let me return the favor and link back to you :)

Abu Ali: Hehehe ... its certainly cuter than Chewy, but nothing beats Ewoks in cuteness :)

Misha: It is not a fly, it's a Bumble bee.