Bhangra Pao

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The Pakistani Student Association (PSA) at San Jose State University (SJSU) organized a cultural event on Saturday April 23rd, 2005.

The name of this young man is Harris and he performed really well that night, his family was sitting right behind me and they were all cheering for him at the top of their lungs :)

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Mohib said...

Nice pic, what song are they dancing to?

Faraz said...

Sorry Mohib, I don't remember. Punjabi is like French to me :(

Mohib said...


Me sorry, should have guessed it was Punjabi.

Anonymous said...

Yar Faraz..
wan't it was Fakhir song "Tera Bena Dil Nay Lagye"

any way .. are you also going to post pics of other items presented there. Such has Fashion show and the songs+dance presented by girls...


Tree Elf said...

ISO 800? why is there no graniness?

Faraz said...

JB: Probably not, becuase the pictures didn't come out that good.

The light on stage was not enough, it was too bright in the front and almost null in the back, since Canon 300D doesnt have spot metering I ended up with over exposed photos. Plus the performers were moving so fast that I was only managed to take 4 slightly average shots.

Tree elf: If you resize a 6 Mega pixel image to 900x750 pixel size then you wont notice the grain that much :)