I'm shy

(Click on the image to see the Complete picture)

I took this portrait a couple of years ago, this is my darling little nephew and he's the shy type :) (also see my inspiration for this post by the incredibly talented kAy)


Mohib said...

You are great !!

This is superb.

kAy said...

you really are-
great that is-
brilliant photograph-
so damn crisp-
i absolutley love ure work.

Arsalan said...

Is this Kay of the Kay Jewelers fame?

flying cow said...

the child's innocent mischief shines thru. well captured!

insiya said...

mashallah bohat cute hain chotay sahib.

but i have a feeling that he isnt as shy as you might consider him to be! ;) the photograph looks like a screen shot of some oscar nominate-able movie.

P.S. Was I the first one to confess that 'I am your fan!'? hehehe

Mina said...

i'm not in your link list, boo :/

gulnaz said...

What a cutie that little one is and he looks naughty too :)
the other pictures are fantastic too, you are quite a photographer :)

Faraz said...

mohib, kay, moi, gulnaz: Thank you :)

arsalan: I thought you were better than this

insiya: Yes, you were the first one ;)

mina: Sorry about that, you are in the list now

Misha said...

Absolutly perfect. :)

And Mashallah, your nephew seems like an adorable little kid!