Yahoo! indeed

Growing up, I realized the fact that there was always one or more person with the name 'Faraz' in every class and every section of my school, college and university. Out of hundreds, thousands or perhaps millions of Faraz running around the face of this planet I never thought that I would land the first position in Yahoo! search results :)

I thank all my friends for their generous support, I love you all!


Madi said...

awww good for u :) know wat? right after i read ur blog i searched for faraz in yahoo.. ur link was transferred to no 2 but still i mean its there...

ur pics r wonderful... not tat u need to be reminded of it again and again :)

Mohib said...

Yeah, it feels so good to come at the top in search engines.

I am maintaining two other websites, one for Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and the other for alumni of my UG Univ. Sometimes I am at the top (for some keywords), sometimes in the top ten.

Its a nice feeling. In your case, its well deserved.

Keep up the good work yaar !!


:: smudge :: stick :: said...

see.. i told you you were second on my search but meri baat yahan manta kaun hay... but still... faraz kay liyay ( im sorry, "Faraz" kay liyay) taliyaan.. *clap* *clap*

Faraz said...

Madiha Saleem: Thanks, I'm blushing already :)

Mohib: Right on, brother! (I read Google Hacks by Orielly publishers and mostly target my blog for Google but it worked on yahoo! go figure ;) hehehe)

Awais: Thank you, thank you, thank you very much! (Elvish shtyle) :)