Walking through Chinatown

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Traffic gets stalled quite often in the narrow streets of chinatown. Here's a black & white version of the same photograph

The triangular building is the Wells Fargo building in the Financial district of downtown San Francisco. You can also see the Bay and part of the Bay-bridge at the end of the street.

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Anonymous said...

You are getting distracted. I'd rather you pick a subject matter instead of snapping random scenes.

Faraz said...

Wouldn't you want to ride a skateboard all the way to the bay on this street?? :)

Thing is, I havent taken any photographs in the last few days because I'm neck deep in deadlines at work. I'm trying to keep updating the blog in the meanwhile.

Zishaan said...

Faraz, you have some nice pictures here.

Btw, did you notice the jagged lines of the wires/ cables here. I guess it has something to do with the resizing. If you could try resizing it in steps, may be you could avoid that.

Keep clicking.

Faraz said...

Nice to see you here Zishaan, I'm a big fan of yours :)

Thanks for the resizing tip, I'll keep that in mind.

jammie said...

i *love* city pics. any city. they give such a sense of life in that place. looking fwd to some more.