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Mark Hopkins Intercontinental hotel; California street, San Francisco
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M said...

Nice effect you have gets the impression of standing right under the window looking up..with all the optical distortions that this creates..

I need to buy a digital camera...Max budget is $250. Can you suggest anything that'll help get me straight pics even though I take them upside down (that was meant to show the extent of my knowledge of cameras in general :))

Faraz said...

Thanks M :)

Canon Powershot A95 is a very decent camera, and often has it on sale for $264. I am pretty sure that if you do some comparison shopping you will get a good deal on it.

I started learning photography seriously since November, 2004 and I did that by reading about the principles and guidelines. Some of the resources I found online are already listed on the right side-bar under 'Advice, tips & tricks' heading. My second advice would be to just practice what you learn and get your photos critiqued from someone ( is a good place for that)

M said...

Thanks Faraz

And yes, I had a look at the resources on the side bar...I think I'll opt for the easier way: make myself some bad pics while hoping to get better...

And keep have en eye for both the ordinary and the extraordinary.

flying cow said...

hmmm... after looking at this picture, im actually thinking of downtown today and shooting the architecture there! :D

saba said...

hai, such a lovely building :)

Tree Elf said...

is it me, or are most of your pics in the shutter speed: 1/200 and aperture 2-3 range?

1/200 for shutter speed is really slow right? and 2-3 is a big aperture. so you generally open your eyes for longer and take long exposures? how come you don't underexpose the pics a bit? and you are using the shutter speed variation mode?

Faraz said...

M: Thanks :)

moi: Good luck! I look forward to seeing those photographs :)

Saba: Mark Hopkins is where Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston always stay whenever they come to San Francisco :)

tree-elf: I hardly shoot with F2-3 because it doesn't give me 'depth of field'. I used high aperture because I wanted to capture the brick pattern on the wall.

Thanks for pointing out the shutter speed bug, I wrote my own application to post photographs (I'm too lazy to type all that html formating code) there might be a software bug there, I'll look into it asap :)

Tree Elf said...

hmm..i wouldnt mind getting my hands on that app...c++? java? what's your email?

so exactly when are you supposed to use big/small aperture and when slow/fast shutter?

fast shutter would be for catching quick motions right?

and slow for static unmoving objects..

dunno much about depth of field

ps- thanks for the comments on my blog. keep em coming...the pic is a little off cuz i dont have a tripod yet and the camera was on the roof of a suzuki!

Faraz said...

My email address is

Send me an email and I'll mail you the application. It's not a very sophisticated app, just something I put together quickly to avoid copy pasting HTML code from previous posts. There are bugs in it that I keep on fixing as I find them. It's written in Visual Basic 6.0

This interactive tutorial will help answer most of your questions. I try to shoot in manual mode and use the in-camera light meter with a gray card whenever possible. But for 'grab that moment' kind of shots I use Apperture priority (during the day), shutter priority (if its dark) and Programmed-Auto (if I have to shoot in fraction of a second with no time to think).

You got the idea of shutter speed just about right, but shutter speed can also be used in combination with higher ISO settings to shoot moving objects in dark (like actors on a stage in a dark auditorium). Check out the Exposure link on the right side-bar in my blog for 'exposure'

you dont need a tripod to correct a tilted horizon, most cameras have a cross-hair that you can use to align your frame with horizontal or vertical objects in your frame

Good luck! :)

flying cow said...

plans got rained on!

~meyum & a half~ said...

it looks like something from france, italy types

flick said...

:) loved it! specially those reflections in panes.