Cook + dog

(Click on the image to see the Complete picture)

Not a combination you would want to see outside a restaurant
(Powell street, San Francisco)

Disclaimer: This is a real cut-out chef infront of Curly's restaurant at 1624 Powell Street Btwn Union and Green (and thats a real dog, btw)

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sidrah said...

Haha! Just when one would expect your average japanese chef to be stir-frying away instead of cooking eggs and bacon (er, the cook IS japanese, right?)

Quite the talent there, Mr. Faraz, though i'm guessing you're being told that all the time :)

flying cow said...

oooooooh! i like this!

~meyum & a half~ said...

gooooddd its cute:)
looks like you did a bit of photoshoping on the image and added the illustration:)
nahhhh just kidding:)

Mohib said...

wow !!

Great pic, but did I say something new?


Keep up the good work.


Faraz said...

sidrah: Ahh.. I never expected to see the infamous Sidrah Haque here. This is quite a complement coming from a critic like you, and I am honored :)

Moi: Thanks :)

~meyumposts~: I couldn't resist the temptation, the dog was sitting right under the chef's foot

Mohib: you are doing some awesome photography yourself :)

Tree Elf said...

aaala the contrast..for a minute, i thought you had done it in some graphics software!

Mina said...


funny, i like it :D

gulnaz said...

really cute pic...:) and i liked the lion one too...a green lion...:)

sidrah said...

Look whose calling who infamous! :)

Muneeba Omar said...

your work is simple amazing. it blows my mind. you really are very talented.