Casualties of smoking

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There is a sitting area outside my office with an ashpit for cigarettes, and I thought the arrangement looked like Falluja after the bombing. Here is another view which looks more like a bomb blasted there.

Lighting conditions were 7:48 am on an overcast day, and it rained last night so the colors were bright.

Shutter speed: 1/12Aperture: F11
Location: My officeCamera: Fuji FinePix S600Z


Saira said...

Neat. I need to get a better camera. Sigh.. Or maybe get the photographer some courses i.e. moi. tsk tsk.

Ramla A. said...

Ah! I should post this with your comments in my office's smoking 'n' coffee room. May be the smell would get out of my hair. Cool!
I also note another vibrant daisy blooming on the blog. :)

shhh... said...

the best thing i like about ur photographs is: u alwayz mention time n other specifications that im sure is helping alot.

Faraz said...

Saira: Camera is secondary in photography, I thought you of all people would know that already :) I like the cybershot that you have, just read up on Exposure and how to use the manual features of your camera. Get hold of 'Joy of Photography (Eastman Kodak publishers)" from the library if you like, its an easy read.

Ramla: God! I hate smoking, even if its sheesha. I used to get really sick from the cigarette smoke back in Pakistan, people used to smoke indoors back then.

Shh...:Thanks for the compliment, I'm learning photography myself and by cataloging the settings I use I make a concious effort to use my camera's manual settings. So it works both ways :)

Mehran said...

Nice Shot. At first it was like Bombs for me!
(Also thanks for visiting my photoblog)

Misha said...

I absolutely love this particular shot, not that the others in the blog aren't worthy of praise, but I like this one especially. You should be flattered when picky people return to your photoblog to stare at one photo for extended periods. :)