Eucalyptus seeds

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Eucalyptus seeds at sunset, the green background is from the grass glowing in sunlight.

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Arsalan said...

Nice texture! Good composition!

Faraz said...

Thanks Arsalan,

Didn't you take a course in Photography at the DeAnza college?

Arsalan said...

Actually I took film making at DeAnza. I am a member of a great photography group CalPhoto at Yahoo Groups. I have learned tremendously from these mostly pro and semi-pro photographers. If I were you, I would hit the trail this holiday season and visit Sonoma County. Sonoma has amazing poppy fields. The Sonoma vineyards are spectacular. Napa Valley is another attractive destination though not as awesome as Sonoma. However, Napa is about an hour from San Jose metro.

What I am noticing in your latest photos is the perspective that was missing in your earlier work. The use of foreground objects to emphasize depth is commendable. I would be proud to have taken those photographs.

atrophying said...

that picture is just beautiful. nature at its best methinks :)

Saif khan said...

Hunnnn! You are a fast learner, aren’t you? Nice picture.