Fall(en) leaf

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Sunlight falling on grass around 4pm creates drammatic shadows. Like the veins in this dried out leaf came to life by sunlight falling on its back. Fall season is amazing!

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't find an email addy so writing it up here. I have gone through your whole blog and seen all the pictures you've taken. I'm in love with your photography. I wish i could capture such moments or slight details as you do. I wish I could get into handling cameras as much that i knew even the slightest of what you know. For now my digital camera will keep me company.


Faraz said...


I have updated my Blogger profile with my email address. I can be reached at imfaraz-at-gmail-com.

I am embarassingly flattered by your praise, thank you so much for taking the time to go through my blog and for leaving me such a nice comment.

I have to level with you that I am pretty new to photography myself, infact I started reading about Photography only a couple of months ago on my own in my spare time. So I am sure that you can start taking really good pictures in no time once you start practicing. In my opinion this is the only way you can get familiar with your camera and photographic techniques. I try to take atleast one picture a day just to stay in practice myself.

Send me a link to your photographs, I'll put it up on my list of links.

grey said...

im in love with this picture since i love leafes, im checking on ur photographs for last one months i dun't u capture buildings. yesterday my teacher said one thing a good photoigrapehr is a good visualizer and also a good designer some knows it and some don't.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Love is in the air... albeit for inanimate objects :) Faraz, you are building up a fan club out here.