Thanksgiving in fall colors

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Norwalk drive in fall colors, it leads to my appartment.

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Anonymous said...

im just regrating why i'm not there it would just be a pleasurous walk on this street man u are lucky :)


Dinky Mind said...

Awww...why am I not there?! And why dont we have such places here in Pakistan?!? Urgh!

Arsalan said...

Don't feel so bad you guys... I live in America and I don't have a road like that where I live... Faraz you b@#!$#@... hehe :)

Faraz, you live in paradise my friend. I miss the rolling hills and the grazing cows and horses on the way to Palo Alto... But you know what? Where I live now, we have trees too! Lots of them. It's actually more like a forest. :(

Best of luck!