Life's a bitch

The loss of a person is the gain of another. The advertisement of Life magazine compliments the headline in an ironic way.
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shhh... said...

Clever caption

Ramla A. said...

Hmm. What is peculiar abt your photography is that it's got more than just an aesthetic value. It's got a *journalistic* bend. You explore not just light, but also stories. Very interesting. Asi commented that you are professional. I really think your pictures have a story value. And a commercial value. Up to you to explore.
BTW, cropping may have to improve. I don't know how, but I get that feel.

Faraz said...

Thanks Ramla, my ears are all red from reading your comments :)

You are reading my blog, since I try to take atleast one picture each day I have to come up with a new subject each day. And my subjects are subconciously things that affect me that day. In a sense this is what a blog or a journal is.

I'm not a professional photographer yet, I need to be able to express myself first before I can express others through the lens. I believe that Photography is not just about the equipment, or the techniques; its a window in your self that let people see what you see.