Technology that doesn't work

"Technology works!" ... yeah, right!

Thats the problem with molded custom tubelights, there is no replacement that you can buy off the shelf. You have to get the tubelight custom made in the shape you want (the word Book in this case). Time of the day, 7:30 am. Whitebalance: Cloudy.
(Click on the above image to see the Complete picture)

Shutter speed: 1/12Aperture: F2.8
Location: Digital Guru storeCamera: Fuji FinePix S600Z


Really said...

I can explain this!
They used to sell books but then they realized that they were not just a book shop and sold other things as well, they turned off the filtering word (Book) instead of getting a new set of lights. So, its not broke, its just OFF! :-/

Faraz said...

Right! it's an undocumented feature .. isn't it? ;)